Solange's Stylist Speaks on Making Black People Look 'Regal and Majestic' in Her New Videos

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Anyone familiar with Solange's aesthetic sensibilities had high expectations for the visuals that would come from her latest album "A Seat at the Table." Solange didn't disappoint with two beautiful clips the singer co-directed with her husband Alan Ferguson.

In both videos, fashion is a crucial component of telling the story and capturing the vibe. Stylist Shiona Turini worked closely with Solange to create dozens of striking looks. Turini explained to the New York Times how it all came together and their aims with the project.

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Solange wanted to make sure the clothes made the Black people look beautiful. "It was really important for her that the visuals made black women and men look regal and majestic. She wanted the women, especially, to show sisterhood," said Ms. Turini.

That quest meant bringing together many different influences. "She wanted to create images where black men and women looked very regal and strong and beautiful. So we asked, “What are these iconic images in our culture?” And it’s Sean John velour tracksuits, do-rags and fur and finger wave," she said.

Solange doesn't care about names. She cares about looks.  She tapped unknowns and Ms. Turini recalls tracking down designers through their kids and parents. She explained, "I think aesthetically she is unlike any other friend I have or anyone else I’ve worked with, because she doesn’t care about labels, about brands, about any of the contrived things. She really lets the clothes speak to her."

Solange's commitment to Black women's empowerment shines through in the clothes.  "I feel like it is such a theme in our day-to-day lives....I feel that is present in everything that I do. But with this project in particular, it was about celebrating these iconic black images and artists," she said.

Solange even brought in her mom, Tina Lawson, to help create this beautiful look from "Cranes in the Sky."

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