Gabrielle Union Joins Alicia Keys' No Makeup Movement

 photo no makeup movement.jpg
Back in August Alicia Keys declared that she's freeing herself from any pressure she felt to alter her appearance with makeup. Since then we haven't seen Alicia in public with anything other than a bare face, and she's shared her message with other high-profile Black women like Tamron Hall.

Gabrielle Union is the latest to credit Keys with moving toward a stripped down look. With a masterfully tied head wrap on and freckles popping, Union made clear her inspiration.

She posted herself makeup-free on her snapchat with a caption, "No makeup, head wrap, hey Alicia Keys I see you!"

No, of course, if we all had skin as luminous as Alicia's or Gabrielle's we might be more inspired to get on board. But it's always nice to see celebrities trying new looks.
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