The Colored Girl Campaign Celebrates the Beauty of Brown Skin With a Stunning Editorial

Increasingly, Black women are taking on the fight to see ourselves fully represented in every space we occupy. Founders Victory Jones and Tori Elizabeth created The Colored Girl, INC to highlight that beauty comes in every shade. Their second campaign, "The Colored Girl: Rebirth" is a celebration of women reclaiming their power.

The images from Joey Rosado are not simply about aesthetics. They're tapping into a larger issue.

"We have to recognize that the effects of colorism are not only present in the black community, but in all brown communities, and that issues plaguing us as brown women is something that we (sadly) have in common," said Jones and Elizabeth.

This time the founders reached out to women from around the world. "Yes, We love black women. We are black! But we are also brown and part of a much larger global community of Colored Girls. And yes, we feel that what we are doing is sorely needed, because representation matters."

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