Rihanna is the Baddest B**** of the Apocalypse in the September Issue of W Magazine

It stands to reason that if Rihanna were the queen of the people on earth, she'd be decked out in couture. That is the premise of the W Magazine shoot she stars in for their vaunted September issue.

W's creative fashion and style director Edward Enninful felt the end-of-days based shoot required custom-wear.

“When I talked to Rihanna, I told her that I didn’t think she should wear clothes off the runway because a queen gets her clothes made,” he said. “So then we got designers, like Prada, Margiela, to make specific things for her.”

He wasn't worried at all about if she could capture the feeling he had imagined. "So she's living in a dystopian world and she's fearless, which is pretty much Rihanna’s personality," Enninful says of the shoot. "She's not scared, and that’s what I love about her."

The designers cited militarist influences with the kinds of mixed media you'd have to incorporate into your wardrobe if the world were coming to an end.

The Steven Klein shoot captures Rih's grace under fire.

View all of the sketches and final looks here.

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