15 Fabulous Looks from The Fashion Bomb's Claire Sulmers That Give us Fashion Goals

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For a decade, Claire Sulmers has been bringing us the hottest fashion from the celebrities who aren't always covered in the mainstream on Fashion Bomb Daily. But Claire isn't just a fashion scholar, she dresses herself beautifully. The writer and editor has been open about making waves in an industry that centers thin, white bodies. Not only is she challenging accepted norms, but her mix of luxury fashion and one-of-a-kind pieces makes her our fashion goal.

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I met Montréal designer @ksinghcreation at #cocktailswithclaire X @missdiddyla New York. At the time she wasn't sure if she wanted to be a designer. She came, wearing one of her pieces, just to see how people would react. I posted a picture of her chain adorned skirt to @fashionbombdaily . Almost 6,000 likes and floods of requests later, she decided that she was going to go for it. Interactions like the one with Kareen are what make these events so special to I decided to wear one of her fabulously fringed skirts for our latest stop. My goal is to use the #fashionbombdaily platform to propel designers forward. Give them encouragement and let them know that life is too short not to pursue your passion...! See more of Kareen at @ksinghcreation . (We are working on her IG, watch us werk). Image: @atlpics
A photo posted by Claire Sulmers (@clairesulmers) on

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