The Cocoa Swatches App is Here to Help Black Women Find Their Perfect Shade

by Antoinette Childs @TheFancyFriend

We've all been there. Standing in the middle of a makeup aisle trying to determine which nude lipstick is right for us. We grab our phones, see some mixed but pretty decent reviews. It looks good on the white model (because isn't it always a white model) on the company's website and a popular blogger claims it's suited for all skin tones. So we bite the bullet and make the purchase. Only to get home and find out that it's a chalky, ashy mess that even our favorite MAC liner can't save. If only we could see that nude lip swatched on some brown skin for once before making these kinds of purchases. Well, thanks to Cocoa Swatches, we now have an app for that.

Brown girl friendly blog and Instagram page Cocoa Swatches has launched an app that every brown girl is going to want on her phone! The app is an extension of the blog which describes itself as "a platform showcasing original and curated makeup related content, serving as a source of inspiration and information for beauty enthusiasts. Cocoa swatches has a strong focus on complexions that are underrepresented in communications from the beauty industry. Through its high-quality content and careful curation, Cocoa Swatches provides access to the latest makeup swatches on various skin tones, beauty inspiration, and informative tutorials."
The app itself is beautifully curated and easy to use. It opens with a list of their latest additions, their cocoa picks, blogs posts then get into swatch categories like eyeshadow swatches and nude lip swatches.

Once you get into a particular swatch section, it shows a number of posts about different shades. For example, the nude category gives reviews of classic and new shades like MAC's Velvet Teddy, Colourpop's Ultra Matte and NYX's Beauty mark among others. The app goes beyond just swatches and gives a short review and a number rating for each swatch based on longevity, pigmentation, authenticity, packaging and melanin friendliness.

The app also curates weekly YouTube video lists so you won't miss the latest upload from your favorite vlogger. And it also is a resource for discovering new beauty gurus to obsess over.

If you haven't downloaded the app, do it now! It will save you the time and hassle of buying the wrong nude shade. You can find Cocoa Swatches on their website, Twitter and Instagram for more melanated beauty goodness!
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