Watch a Burn Survivor Reject Makeup Shamers and Reflect on the Importance of Self Love

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YouTube beauty guru Shalom Blac and her two-year-old sister were burned extensively with hot oil when she was 9 years old.

In a video, Shalom recounts the horrible ordeal and her recovery process.

Shalom says other children reacted cruelly to her new appearance. Immediately after she was released from the hospital, a boy she once played with saw her for the first time and ran away screaming. And the scrutiny only intensified as she got older.

"I got bullied everyday in middle school," she says. "I had suicidal thoughts."

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Photo credit: Shalom Blac
Shalom has learned to embrace her beauty and accentuates it with the help of makeup.

Shaming women who choose to wear makeup has become a trendy past time on social media, so makeup wearers have reclaimed the narrative with videos on the power of makeup. In the videos, YouTubers apply makeup to only side of their face.

With a collaboration with another YouTuber, YunnieRose, Shalom reveals another part of her story. "Makeup should not make you happy," she tells viewers.

She still receives negative comments, but her seemingly genuine embrace of appearance is inspiring. "Some people might have negative stuff to say like, 'Oh. Why does she look like that?' but I really don't care because as of right now, I love myself for who I am."

After the look is complete, Shalom makes sure to reiterate that makeup is just an enhancer. Defiantly she says, "I love both of the sides equally."

Watch her video on the power of makeup.

Watch her tell the story of how she was burned.
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