Erykah Badu Will Style a Show About the Black Experience for New York Fashion Week

by @sofia_maame

Badoula Oblongata bka Ms. Erykah Badu, herself, will be making bold statements on the Black experience during the upcoming New York Fashion Week alongside designer Kerby Jean-Raymond. Erykah will be joining Kerby to style menswear label Pyer Moss' fall presentation. The presentation will be a continuation of Kerby's previous ode to the Black Lives Matter Movement in 2015. 

Photo: Pyer Moss
Erykah describes the collaboration as a “match made in fashion heaven,” and anyone who’s inspired by style and black consciousness should agree. With her confident artistry complete with eccentric style, we’ll be on the edge of our seats to see in what direction Queen Badu will take the show. 

Regardless of what direction she chooses to go in, we are expecting shots fired at oppressive patriarchy and, perhaps, some Adinkra Symbols. Honestly, we haven’t the slightest idea of what we’re in for besides a sprinkle of Baduism and Erykah’s never-compromising spirit. 

Header photo: Shutterstock
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