Sneaker Watch: Why Chicks N Kicks are All the Rage this Fall

By Dalila Thomas

It’s pretty safe to say fashion is an ever-evolving thing, especially for women. And when it comes to shoes, many of us are swapping out our heels for a more comfy approach – sneakers! But with so many styles out, and so many sites and social media pages geared towards males, there aren’t many places for women to run to. And that’s something one woman is looking to change, with Chick N Kicks.

Dallas resident Channing Beumer is the curator and founder of Chicks N Kicks. Beumer, a sneaker lover who admits to wearing a fly pair of heels and snatching them off after an hour, wanted to find a way to merge her passion into a business. And so Chicks N Kicks, or CNKDaily was born.

Beumer is currently set to launch in November. From exclusive interviews, celeb looks, to what’s trending– the site will be a smorgasbord of eye-catching info for women with similar soles.

As for now, here’s a sneak peek at the looks Beumer vouches for this fall.

CNK’s Top Kicks Picks:

The Classic
Photo: Facebook

Nike Cortez. These sneaks are causal, comfy, and can be paired with jeans or a dress.

Photo: Nike
Nike Flyknit. The Flyknit comes bright colors and light materials. A CNK favorite happens to be the recently dropped Santa Monica collection, which is based on the Santa Monica skyline. This shoe also happens to be great for training.

Wild Card
Photo: Facebook
New Balance. And probably not the sneaks you’re used seeing back in the day. Lately New Balance has been teaming up with different brands and refreshing their palette with options like the Polka Dot Pack.


Photo: Stella McCartney

Adidas x Stetlla McCartney Ultraboost. Stunning, stylish, and super functional. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, this shoes advanced technology is great for running. Go from the gym, to hanging with the girls.

Beyond the shoes, CNKdaily is built on what Beumer calls “Chickspiration” and it’s all about promoting positivity and uplifting women.

“I feel like this day in age we live in a ‘bad bitch’ society, and I’m really eager to get back to when it’s cool to be a lady. I don’t see anybody like me getting shine, and I feel like it’s time to change that.”

Well there you have it ladies. Stay fabulous, classy and most importantly comfy!

Photo: CNK
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