Rihanna's Self Portrait Covers 100th Issue of The Fader

Pop-sensation Rihanna graces the cover of the 100th issue of The Fader, and she took the cover photo herself.

“For a selection of images, and for the first time in The Fader's history, Raksha handed Rihanna the shutter release, giving the artist the opportunity to collaborate with the photographer, and snap the second cover of the publication's 100th issue,” a statement from the magazine reads.

The cover story examines Rihanna's evolution into one of the realest celebrities out there. An excerpt from the cover story reads:
"For all this time, anxious fans have been able to feel a sense of access to her, through Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter. Rolling that blunt on the Coachella security guard’s head, playing dress-up with baby Majesty, she feels like she belongs to us. They say that certain politicians win by dint of how badly you want to have a beer with them. No one doesn’t want to hang out with Rihanna. You suspect that you could even be yourself around her. Have fun. She certainly looks like she’s having a blast. On the one hand, it’s hard not to want for her, at 27, to have a break from the rigors of the Q4 album rollout, to cheer her on for pausing and taking some time. On the other, you can’t help but wonder if she’s sometimes felt just plainly over music."
View the photo spread below.

Read the full cover story here.

Photos: Renata Raksha
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