Amandla Stenberg Goes Hard for Black Feminism in Nylon's 'Rookie' Issue

Amandla Stenberg was featured in Nylon Magazine's 'Rookie' issue, and in the interview she was as clear and thoughtful about her stance as a Black feminist as we've come to expect her to be. 16-year-old Amandla made it known that she's hear to change the game.

On backlash for speaking out about black feminism: “Of course it’s something that has crossed my mind, but to be honest, I think one has to ask — backlash against what? It’s not as if there are a slew of projects featuring black girls I’m suddenly being shut out of. This is why I want to study filmmaking after high school. There is such a lack of powerful and nuanced representation for women of color. Besides, most people have been supportive of my video on cultural appropriation and understand the distinction I make between appropriation and exchange. I really am not saying anything that radical — what I am calling for is an awareness of the history and source, and a respect of the culture. People are quick to label me the ‘angry black girl’ because I am who I am and I’m outspoken.”

On how she combats that stereotype: “All of my inspirations have been ‘angry black girls.’ To me, it means that I must be doing something right. I must be striking a chord for people to try to invalidate my perspective.”

How she got into intersectional feminism: “One of the electives I took in my junior year was called Women’s Studies. I was so excited to take it because the teacher is amazing. However, it was interesting being the only person of color. It led to some really incredible discussions about how we often forget about how minorities are interconnected. #BlackLivesMatter is a feminist issue, too. Black female voices need to be uplifted within the mainstream feminist movement, especially at this time. It’s crucial.”

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