Melanina Series Encourages Black Women to be Unapologetic in Stunning Photos

Photographer Joey Rosado of Island Boi Photography has created the stunning photo series "Melanina" as a way to highlight the natural beauty and diversity of Black people.

The Rosado told AfroPunk:
"The title is spanish for "Melanin". I photograph portraits of black women (and men) in their natural beauty. I want them to embrace their true inner natural self, to love the skin they're in, to feel unapologetic, to find perfection in their imperfections and to uplift and inspire others. Everyone is great and amazing the way they are. Each photograph has a story that some or most people can relate to, inspire from or uplift their spirits. I want to show the world the more positive, beautiful and inspiring way everyone is than what society and the media of today portrays. Everyone is perfect in their own unique way. Each photograph is limitless and there's plenty of more to come (It's in it's beginning stages). This is an ongoing project and I hope to inspire everyone around the world."
Take a look at the gorgeous photos below and view more of the series here.

Photos: Joey Rosado
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