Kyemah McEntyre Shares Her Design Process, Creates Beautiful Dress for Tyra Banks

Emerging fashion designer Kyemah McEntyre was recently featured on Tyra Bank's new show "Fablife."

Banks invited 18-year-old McEntyre to the show after her prom dress went viral. “I was trying to show society that it’s OK to be yourself,” McEntyre said about her inspiration for the now famous gown. “I think it’s really important that we let people know that you don’t need someone else to identify your identity.”
McEntyre believed she was going to surprise Banks with a dress she designed for her, but the tables were turned when Banks appeared proudly wearing beautiful dress designed by McEntyre.

“I am such a fan of you. I saw you on the Internet and you blew me away with your talent, with your beauty,” Banks said. “This is the beginning of your journey and becoming the force that I know that you can be in the fashion world; this is not existing in the fashion world right now, and it is desperately, desperately needed.”

Watch below.
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