Willow Smith Shows Wisdom Beyond Her Years in iD Magazine

Willow Smith is the ultimate #CareFreeBlackGirl. In the pre-fall edition of iD magazine, the 14-year-old proves yet again that she has both wisdom and fashion sense beyond her years.

In the editorial writer Hattie Collins profiles Willow as insightful and self-aware.

"She doesn't shop on Rodeo Drive, but wears Thugz Maison's The Goddesses t-shirt, emblazoned with the names of feminist radicals and queer theorists Audre Lorde, Gloria E. Anzaldúa, Angela Y. Davis and bell hooks. She talks about the notion of time and feminism and the environment and her generation. She talks about climbing trees and challenging the perceived notions of all that we're taught from birth."

Throughout the interview Willow speaks candidly about music, art, age, spirituality, and life. When asked about her generation Willow responded: 
I feel that right now what our generation needs is to do the art that's in our hearts. Do it to the fullest and try to help other people find out that thing that makes them happy. The more people that are doing what's in their hearts, the more that heart vibration is going to start spreading around the world, and the more people will start thinking, "Wow, maybe McDonalds isn't what I should be eating, maybe the way they're teaching me in school is depressing me, maybe I should be climbing trees and meditating more than I should be listening to my teachers telling me that everything I'm doing is wrong." So it's taking those little steps towards awareness.
Read more of the insightful interview here and view photos from the editorial below.

Photos: Tyrone Lebon/iD
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