This is Why Makeup Artists Need to Learn How to Work with Black People

Makeup artist BellaDeLune recently made over three women of different complexions for BuzzFeed Video. Although the video sought to highlight BellaDeLune's "clown contouring" technique,  everyone is talking about another aspect of the video.

Buzzfeed video producer Daysha was one of the three women to receive a makeover from BellaDeLune. Daysha makes awesome videos at Buzzfeed about beauty and privilege but was also the subject of a poorly executed hair transformation, so we were hoping to see her face get beat to the gods!

Unfortunately this did not happen.
This is Daysha before the make over.

This is her after.

Her beautiful brown skin has been covered in a foundation that does not match, making a noticeable difference between her face and her neck.

Daysha seemed to be appreciative of her new look but commenters on FaceBook and Twitter all agreed that the look was unflattering.

Women Try Clown Contouring
Posted by SOML on Wednesday, August 12, 2015

While the video didn't get the world talking about clown conturing, it did help to continue an important discussion on how professional makeup artists must be conscious about finding colors that properly work with Black people's skin tones.
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