Rihanna Adds Fashion Designer To Her Already Impressive Resume

by Shonette Reed

With already having released a successful line with River Island, and being named Creative Director for Puma, our favorite bad gal can officially add fashion designer to her resume with her line, $chool Kills. Rihanna’s company, Roraj Trade, LLC, issued a trademark registration with the U.S. Patent and Trademark office.

Rihanna is far from limiting herself to music and tours, and through her amazing style, has shown us that she is beyond fit for a life in fashion.

“She will continue to release singles and albums, but she's had plans in place to expand in other areas like fashion, for a good few years now," said a source to Grazie Daily.

Though recently issuing a trademark registration for the brand, it won’t be granted until she actually sells clothing and accessories from the line.

While there are speculations about the line, and even a distaste for it’s name, Rihanna plans to pursue the endeavor as a serious fashion designer.

Rihanna continues to take risks, and pave roads for young black girls everywhere; showing that the only limitations you have, are the one’s you give yourself.

Photo: Reuters/Eric Thaye

Shonette Reed is a regular contributor to For Harriet from Los Angeles, Calif. With plans to break into the fashion industry as a fashion reporter, she runs her own style blog. Her aim is to highlight the important contributions of women of color in the fashion industry as well as give women of color more exposure within the leading magazines in fashion. You can follow her on Twitter @ShonetteReed.

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