Caven Etomi Releases Gorgeous Hair Accessories Inspired by Ethiopian Children

The designers at Caven Etomi have released a line of hair accessories inspired by the headdresses worn by the Suri children of Omo Valley in Ethiopia.

Caven Etomi, a creative fusion, founded by Joan Caven, Doreen Caven, and Oseyi Etomi, was created to "bridge the gap in the market for African inspired modern casual wear."

"The Suri people engage in body paintings, elaborate head dresses and inserted lip plates as a way to enhance their beauty," the designers say, "We have reinterpreted this traditional head dress, giving it a modern spin by creating unique crowns, embellished with floral and fruit combinations, to celebrate and embody the spirit of this striking cultural group."

Check out the lovely accessories below. They can be purchased here.

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