The 10 Best Dressed Black Women Celebrities of 2014

We are gorgeous, aren't we? These women consistently gave us gasp-worthy fashion.

Keke Palmer
2014 was a breakout year for Keke Palmer. As her career transitioned into adulthood, so did her personal style. It's been fun watching 21-year-old Keke experiment with bold, sexy looks.

Jada Pinkett Smith
There's nothing stuffy about Jada Pinkett Smith's style. Each time she leaves the house, there's an ease about her appearance that is, frankly, refreshing in an industry dominated by try-hards.

Lala Anthony
Lala loves her glam, and she rarely leaves the house looking less than camera ready.

Naomi Campbell
No one is going to give it to you on a red carpet like Naomi Campbell. The veteran supermodel oozes sex appeal in styles that complement her killer figure.

Tracee Ellis Ross
Tracee Ellis Ross is known as a funny girl, but she clearly takes her style very seriously.

Kerry Washington
Kerry Washington always pulls a style wildcard. You never know if she's going to opt for a sleek, sophisticated style or opt for a riskier look. But no matter which lane she chooses, she always looks like she put on the outfit she most enjoys. That's her secret.

For years Ciara has been fashion darling. Handpicked as a Givenchy muse before many outside of fashion knew the name, she's been a consistent winner on and off the red carpet.

Rihanna does risque better than anyone else. With her stunning confidence, she can pull off any look. She knows it, and she pushes the envelope every chance she gets.

Lupita Nyong'o
Lupita's unshakeable elegance emanates in any outfit she wears. She just so happens to choose breathtaking gowns accentuate her stunning personality time and again.

Solange has always been the style stand out in her family because she's never been afraid to take risks. More often than not, the young Knowles sibling lands ahead of the pack. But it was handful of outfit changes at her New Orleans wedding, including her Kenzo gown and Stephane Rolland jumpsuit, that makes her best dressed this year. She really broke the Internet.

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  1. Sorry, but Lupita wins--hands down.


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