7 Winter Wardrobe Essentials

The weather over the last few months might say something different, but we're only a couple of days into winter. There are few winter wardrobe staples you'll definitely want to have in your closet. This is the time of year when you'll want to have your layering pieces and comfy accessories ready all times.

Cozy Scarves
Now that the temperatures have dropped, it's essential to protect your neck with a fabulous scarf. Pick a variety of affordable scarves to mix and match with your winter apparel.

Big Hats
Winter air whipping around your head can be a bothersome, so cover up with a cute hat. They're also an easy way to disguise a bad hair day.

Faux Leather Jacket
A faux leather jacket will be one of the most versatile pieces in your closet. Slip one on, and watch your entire outfit change. Dress it up or down for your perfect look.

Faux Fur Vest
Make a statement in a fur vest, and you'll turn heads walking into any room.

Festive Tights
Bare legs just aren't feasible during the winter time. Cover up with a pair of tights. Be they classic wool or sexy silk, they'll take your outfit to a new level.

Every girl needs a pair of booties to keep her feet warm and her style hot.

Versatile Cardigans
Cardiangs are a must have layering piece that will take you from season to season.
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