25 Fabulous Statement Necklaces for Fall

Adding a statement necklace is the easiest way to dress up any outfit. Try one of these piece to add some instant glam to any outfit.


Potpourri Bib, $18

Crystal Mesopotamia Collar, $30

Bud Gem Collar, $35

GIlded Pearl Strands, $44

Petal Tear Drop Strand, $44

Cosmic Dust Strand, $44

Cloud Spike Collar, $44

Beaded Betty Collar, $44

Burlesque Tassel Bib, $44

Snake Chain Strands, $44

Azure Layered Necklace, $44

Beaded Crosswinds Bib, $44

Obsidian Mixed Metal Links, $44

Asymmetrical Ivy Collar, $46

Draped Pearl Bib, $46

Crystal Starship Collar, $46

Pearl Graduated Strand, $48

Vintage Garland Strand, $48

Feather Curb Collar, $52

Nefertiti Bib, $52

Violet Karenina Bib, $58

Sapphire Cascade Bib, $58

Jasmine Ribbon Necklace, $58

Pearl Orwell Bib, $58

Crystal Cleopatra Bib, $68

This post contains affiliate links, but I love every piece mentioned and own a few of them.

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