Makeup Artist Jackie Aina Shares the Best Foundations for Women of Color

Jackie Aina aka MakeupGameOnPoint is a noted makeup artist who graciously shared her favorite foundations for Women of Color. In this video, Jackie explains why she loves the foundations and which ones you'll have to try.

Jackie's Picks: 

AJ Crimson Foundation and BB Cream - Buy Here
Jackie says: "They're long wearing. They're great for oily-combination skin types, and the shade range is off the chain."
Coverage: Medium
Cost: $38

MAC Studio Fix Fluid - Buy Here
Jackie says: "It offers beautiful coverage...That is the most beautiful foundation for when I really want to look polished, when I'm going out, when I'm being photographed. I think that it's beautiful...when I need coverage, when I need to look flawless."
Coverage: Medium-Heavy
Cost: $27

Smashbox Camera Ready BB Cream - Buy Here
Jackie says:"This one is really, really good at controlling oil and shine...It's also got SPF."
Coverage: Light
Cost: $39

Blackup CC cream - Buy Here
Jackie says: "I can actually really rock this as a foundation."
Coverage: Light-Medium
Cost: $39.50

Sacha Cosmetics Second Skin Foundation - Buy Here
Jackie says: "Their foundations are a little cooler. It's a heavy duty foundation--not super, super heavy on skin, but you will feel it...No breakouts. It doesn't clog my skin."
Coverage: Heavy
Cost: $15

FACEatelier Pro Foundation - Buy Here
Jackie says: "Amazing for women that already have flawless skin and you don't want to put a foundation on them that looks like foundation."
Coverage: Medium-Heavy
Cost: $34

Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizer - Buy Here
Jackie says: "If you don't want to wear as much foundation, what you can do is start with a BB cream or tinted moisturizer like this because it's so lightweight , and that will start as a great base so that you can save on your foundation, so you don't have to use as much and you don't have to cover as much.
Coverage: Light
Cost: $44

Revlon Colorstay Foundation - Buy Here
Jackie says: "Pretty impressive coverage. Considering the fact that it's a drugstore product,
medium coverage."
Coverage: Medium-Heavy
Cost: $12.99

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