10 Times Toned Down Nicki Minaj Confirmed She is Gorgeous

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I'm not quite sure what's gotten into Nicki Minaj, but she's now opting for much more toned down looks that highlight her beauty. The transition is likely in anticipation of her new album and big screen debut. Nicki is an entertainer so her bold looks come as no surprise, but it's nice to see the Trini stunner acknowledge that she can look incredible with a much simp

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 photo Screenshot2014-04-22at102141AM.png
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 photo Screenshot2014-04-22at102358AM.png
 photo Screenshot2014-04-22at102528AM.png
 photo Screenshot2014-04-22at103301AM.png
 photo Screenshot2014-04-22at102506AM.png
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 photo Screenshot2014-04-22at103343AM.png

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