#LupitaForMAC: Fans of Lupita Nyong'o Call for the Oscar-Winner to Get a MAC Campaign

 photo lupitaformac.jpg
A movement has begun on Twitter to convince MAC cosmetics to sign up Academy Award-winner Lupita Nyong'o as a spokesmodel.

Lupita, who has become a media darling for her immense talent, flawless face and effortless style, has become a symbol for lack of representation of diverse beauty in the mainstream.

The hashtag was started by journalist Joan Morgan and Dr. Yaba Blay and has quickly gained steam. The women are calling for those who want to see it happen make our voices heard to the iconic cosmetics brand.

I'm in full support. All black women from the Rihannas to the Lupitas deserve to have their beauty celebrated.

What do you think of Lupita for MAC?

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