Josilyn Williams, Riley Montana, Maria Borges and Others for Numeró Magazine

 photo numero-magaazine-march-2014-1.jpg
The March 2014 issue of Numeró Magazine is filled with beautiful black models. Josilyn Williams, Riley Montana, Senait Gidey, Grace Mahary, Maria Borges, Jessica Strother and Sherita Dehon join forces in a captivating editorial shot by Sebastian Kim.

 photo numero-magaazine-march-2014-2.jpg
 photo numero-magaazine-march-2014-3.jpg
 photo numero-magaazine-march-2014-4.jpg
 photo numero-magaazine-march-2014-5.jpg
 photo numero-magaazine-march-2014-6.jpg
 photo numero-magaazine-march-2014-7.jpg
 photo numero-magaazine-march-2014-8.jpg
 photo numero-magaazine-march-2014-9.jpg

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