Russian Magazine Editor Sits Atop "Black Woman" Chair for Editorial Photos

 photo dashazhukova.jpg
Yet another international fashion magazine editor has been caught putting her ignorance on display and calling it fashion. Dasha Zhukova, the Russian editor of Garage Magazine, posed for an editorial in digital magazine Buro 247 sitting on a "black woman" chair.

The chair's design is a half nude mannequin lying on the ground with her legs in the air. The chair was, no doubt, meant to spark controversy. The white fashion world continues to view Black women's bodies as products for consumption. While the objectification of white women's bodies causes outrage, the humiliation and degradation of black women is big business, and I am, quite frankly, sick of white women using black women's bodies to make statements while shutting us out of the conversation.

Claire Sulmers of Fashion Bomb Daily broke the story, and it's a painful reminder that white supremacy is global. Ignorance is not an excuse.

The piece comes in a white woman version, yet this one was used. That choice was deliberate, and ignorance is not an excuse.

Buro 247 has cropped the woman out of the photo on their site, but the damage has been done.


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