K. Michelle Showed Off Much More Than Her Voice on Stage Last Night

 photo kmichelle2.jpg
Last night, Love and Hip Hop songstress set the Twitters ablaze when pictures of her sporting a revealing stage costume made their rounds on social media. K. Michelle loves to use her hair and wardrobe to provoke conversation, and, once again, she succeeded.

The outfit is created with a material meant to look transparent, but Ms. Pate's handbag is not exposed. What we're seeing is merely an outline of some tragically misplaced fabric.

And I have to wonder why this, particular, piece caused so much uproar. Haven't we seen bigger stars in less?

 photo kmichelle.jpg

Perhaps you're still unsure of what Kimberly was trying to do with this get up. Watch glittery sequined two-piece in action as K. Michelle performs "V.S.O.P."

What do you think of K. Michelle's outfit? Is it as scandalous as the Internet would have us believe?

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