Karen Byrd's Natural Hair Dolls Celebrate Diverse Black Beauty

 photo dolls1.png
The unattainable physical ideal Barbie represents has terrorized women for generations. Many Black women (sans Nicki Minaj and her devotees) have accepted that we will never meet that standard, but what's the alternative? We have to create our own.

That's exactly what Karen Byrd of Natural Girls United did with her one-of-a-kind collection of dolls that embody the diverse beauty of Black women. Each of Karen's dolls have a customized hair do that looks just like one you'd see on a sista. They rock ceasars, locs, twists, curls and sleek updos.

Check out the dolls below.

 photo dolls5.png
 photo dolls3.png
 photo dolls2.png
 photo dolls4.png
 photo dolls6.png
 photo dolls7.png
 photo dolls7.png
 photo dolls8.png
 photo dolls10.png
 photo dolls13.png
 photo dolls12.png
I'm obsessed! These dolls are sold out, but Karen takes custom orders.


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