High Waist Bikinis Make A Comeback for Women of All Sizes

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photo credit: Talking With Tami
By Shaunda Brooks

It is the time of the season for swimsuits! With summertime finally approaching, women everywhere are on the hunt to find that perfect swimsuit that will satisfy their beach bods. Might sound fun, but this is a hard task for many! No matter what size you are, we battle with our insecurities every summer when searching for a swimsuit that will make us feel good about ourselves.

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Serena Williams shows off her incredible figure in a high waist bikini
As a representative for #teamThick, we do not like being cooped up in an unflattering one piece, nor can our ASSets fit comfortably in the small bikinis. Hence, the return of the popular trend from the 1940s: high-waist bikini bottoms. Whether you are #teamSkinny or #teamThick, this style accentuates your waistline and makes your curves look tasteful. So for the thick girls like me, we have a way to cover up and still be sexy. No more worrying about striving to get that perfect flat stomach for a bikini. This style will have you up-to-date with the latest trend as well as comfortable in the skin you are in.

The season of low-rise everything has long gone, for high-waist is in! From the mentioned bikini bottoms to shorts to trousers, this fashion trend has been especially praised by curvaceous black women. Pair any of these high-waist style bottoms with a solid colored crop top or a bandeau and dress it up or down with a fun patterned blazer and you are good to go.
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Pick up these high waist swimsuits from Rue 107 and Monif C.

Shaunda V. Brooks is an undergraduate student at Illinois State University, seeking a Bachelors of Science degree in News Editorial Journalism. From Chicago, IL, she is heavily involved on her campus and in her community, inspiring others to do the same. Check out her organization’s website at or contact her at
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