In Praise of Solange's Natural Hair Wigs

 photo solange-wigs.jpg
I remember the day Solange cut off her relaxed hair and began rocking a close-cropped haircut. Of course there was the compulsory moaning that black folks love to do when a black girl cuts off her long hair. People likened Solange to Britney Spears calling her crazy. But Solo paid the nay-sayers no mind. She tweeted, "i. just. wanted. to. be. free. from. the. bondage. that. black. women sometimes. put. on. themselves. with. hair."

Looking back, I believe that was the moment she fully-transitioned into a Millennial style icon, and she didn't even know it. Her embrace of an eclectic style and natural hair catapulted her to much more than Bey's little sis.

But Solo often makes it clear that she's not defined by her status as a natural hair queen. She often switches up her style wearing textured weaves and wigs.

Solange's collection of natural wigs astounds. Always perfectly coiffed -- sometimes she serves Diana Ross realness. At others she opts for an Angela Davis style fro. No matter what style she rocks, Solange shows us weaves and wigs aren't just for women looking to alter their natural afro textures. There's nothing wrong or shameful about exploring new looks. Black women who love themselves and their hair can wear wigs with no shame.

 photo solange-hair-top.jpg

Kinky hair can absolutely be red carpet glam. Solange

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