Christina of LoveBrownSugar Partners with LiSI Cosmetics for New Nail Polish

Christina Love Brown Sugar LiSi Cosmetics
The blogosphere has created opportunities for a number of entrepreneurial minded Black women, and we love to see fashion and beauty bloggers expanding their brands. Christina Brown of LoveBrownSugar recently launched a signature nail color with LiSi Cosmetics. This isn't your typical blogger partnership, so we asked Christina a few questions about her latest venture. 

COLOURES: How did your partnership with Lisi Cosmetics come about?
Christina: The LiSi Cosmetics flagship store opened up last summer in the same neighborhood as my day job. For a few weeks after it first opened up, I walked past it and just kind of peeked in noticing that it was set up similar to a luxury cosmetics store. I love makeup but it takes alot for me to spend top dollar on luxury beauty items unless they're tried & true favorites because I'm all about getting the look for less. So at first I was a little intimidated and didn't walk in. Eventually though, I said to myself "Why don't I just check it out?". So I walked in one day and started testing out the products. I was greeted warmly by some customer reps who helped me pick out products and were so accommodating  Then, I looked down at the price markers on the products and my jaw literally dropped. All of the cosmetics retailed for under $10-15. That was the day I fell in love with the brand. I established contact with the Creative Director, did a few product reviews, hosted some events and formed a tight bond with them. A few months later in the fall, they announced that they wanted to honor me with a nail color in my name.

You're a fashion blogger. Did you ever expect to get into the beauty business?
Not at all! I was never really a "beauty" girl to be honest. I've always been all about clothes, shoes & accessories. It wasn't until I took a position at Honey Magazine as an editor that I actually started to experiment with makeup. Different brands would send samples to the office all the time, so I would take them home and try them out. Soon after, I became obsessed. I still consider myself a novice when it comes to beauty products. I'm learning at the same time my readers are. I think that's why people are drawn to my site. I don't proclaim to be a professional or an expert. I'm just a girl, experimenting, and giving my honest opinions.

How did you pick the color?
I didn't! They actually picked it for me, and I think that was perfect. If it were up to me, I might have chosen a frosty pink of some sort because my blog's colors include lots of pinks & purples. But when I saw it was a bronzy brown, I said to myself "This is perfect!" I'm really pleased with the color they chose. I think it really exudes the essence of my site.

Are there any nail trends you love right now?
Well I absolutely love nail appliques. I love being able to mix lacquer with appliques. I'm also obsessed with nail art. We have a series on LoveBrownSugar called Style Play Polish where we highlight different nail art trends. I kind of wish I was a nail picasso who could draw all these crazy designs on my nails, but I admire those who can!

Purchase LoveBrownSugar nail polish here!

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