Obsessed: Love Cortnie Oversized Clutches

Oversized clutches have quickly become our favorite day to night accessory. The right bag can instantly upgrade even the simplest outfit. A Love Cortnie clutch has been at the top of our wishlist since we saw Ashleigh from The Dailiegh rocking one. We asked the owner and designer Courtnie a few questions about her gorgeous bags.

When did you start Love Cortnie?
At the beginning of September 2011. It's been a little over a year.

Why did you decide to start your own business?
It's not something I planned on doing. Something I started for fun turned into a business. Once I saw the response and  positive feedback I knew it was something I wanted to continue doing.

Why did you choose clutches?
I love clutches, but I could never find the kind of clutch I was looking for. I like mine oversized so I can carry a lot. I also wanted something other than solid black.

Do you make all the bags yourself?
Yes. Each bag is handmade by me.

What's your favorite bag?
I love the Spotted calf hair clutch. I'm a huge fan of black and white prints.

Spotted Calf Hair Clutch
Spotted Calf Hair Clutch, $100

What's the most difficult thing about running a business? 
Doing it all by yourself. You're a one-person team. I do all of the buying, marketing, sewing, shipping, etc. Sometimes it can be a lot, but I love it.

What advice do you have for young fashion entrepreneurs? 
I have people tell me all the time about their interests in starting something on their own. I tell them to do it. You will never know how great something can be until you try. I can tell you that from experience. I started with just 3 styles of clutches and have now done over 40. I started Love,Cortnie just for fun. The response was overwhelming. Over a year later I've sold over 400 bags and the brand continues to grow.

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